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Latest version 0.4.7a, 12th August 2005
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I'm now aiming at producing a usable, useful, completed application rather than a fancy one. That means a lot of fancy features are to be postponed. Many months of work in these areas are giving too steady a progress. No more window dragging for now (the OSes do not cleanly support this, I should take the hint already). That stuff is gonna have to wait for virtual driver implementations. Help is welcome! Want to get this done.

WTF is "Straddle", anyway?

Straddle is a workspace clustering application (read: clustering, not cluttering). So you can take, say, 9 computers and wire them into a single 3-by-3 desktop. Even if they run different operating systems. Straddle will be released on OSX/Win/Linux as freeware and/or shareware; at least some versions will be free (beer at first). Straddle is not an X11 server or VNC hack.

I aim to significantly improve my experience of working with many different boxes on my desk, and maybe create something useful for others. Until it is released however, there is much long, tough work to be done. I'll post more as versions tick by :) Versions numbers are a decimalised reflection of progress between 0.0.0 and 1.0.0 (a = alpha, b = public beta test). Do not expect interesting things to happen on this site until version 0.6a. Then of course, don't hold your breath, because the project still runs a risk of failure (as projects do).

Milestones (OSX/WinXP/Linux):

  • 0.4.0a - concept demo
  • 0.5.0a - half way mark
  • 0.5.5a - final features for 1.0 confirmed, specs posted
  • 0.6.0b - beta test
  • 0.8.0b - beta test
  • 0.9.9rc - release candidate
  • 1.0.0 - first public release

Features in Development:

  • Mouse (works)
  • Copyboard (somewhat works)
  • Keyboard (works, adding custom keymaps)
  • Networking (works)
  • Screenshots (not implemented)
  • Graphics (suspended)
  • Wormholes (soon to be added)
  • Sounds (active research)
  • UI (active development)
  • [classified: 'dragoon'] (active research)
  • [classified: 'locket'] (suspended)