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Those go to


People to help out:
1) I have virtual video driver code for WinXP that needs a lot of coding work
2) I need a OSX virtual video driver written (see AppleDisplays source for Darwin)
3) I need audio people to write output and capture code for both OSX (see Soundflower) and WinXP
4) I need relentless people to do research
5) Advice and support regarding Linux/X11/Xinerama
6) Bughunting

The best I can give in return is something to do, goodwill, and add you to the credits.

Mailing List

Multiple computers on your desk?

News, free betas, feedback, etc:


I'll make some later.
Asking people's opinions on IM/IRC has been sufficient for now.


If you want Straddle, please help out with the expense of building it