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Welcome to the official website of SpaceSim!

SpaceSim is a space simulation massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (mmorpg). SpaceSim offers a great degree of freedom, as players can choose to play as a mercenary, trader, military grunt, corporate leader, or anything in-between. SpaceSim is currently in beta, and only for Windows.

The rich 3d universe contains natural objects like planets, stars, nebulas, asteroid belts, comets, and black holes, and a wide range of man-made objects like gigantic space stations, battle cruisers, cargo ships, and fighter ships large and small. SpaceSim features never before seen concepts in resource management that will provide a complex but fun resource system without unnecessary control overhead. Every player will have resources to manage, from a pilot managing his fuel, shields, weapons, and thrusters, to the leader of a planet managing populations and armies.

We currently have a free beta demo showing off some basic gameplay, but check back frequently as we’re adding new features all the time. So far you can engage in combat with other people who are online, dock with a space station to buy or sell fuel, system upgrades, and ships, and warp to any of the one hundred star systems in the game, all in a persistent universe with a persistent account.

Questions? Comments? Interested in helping out? Post on our forum or e-mail me at Black_Moons at hotmail dot com. We’ll see you in space!

21 December 2006

Updated screenshot page! released!
- Added Proceduraly generated planets
- Vastly improved error reporting
- Added Star System Nav gauge
- Wide spread engine structure improvements

28 October 2006 released!
- Added Station targeting and distance requirement for docking
- Added normal maping
- Changed text renderer
- Minor fix to prediction calculations

11 October 2006 released!
- Added Ammo for Missiles
- Added test for PS2.0
- Optimised rendering
- Many bugfixes

10 October 2006

Added 'Chat' page! Feel free to chat with the devs directly if you have any questions, just be prepaired to wait for a responce as we are not monitoring the channel 24/7, but will usally respond within 30 mins.

18 September 2006 released!
- Added Vertex/Pixel shaders
- Made custom shader for sun
- Made custom shader for starbase

5 September 2006

3D/2D artist Hoda has left.

27 August 2006

Updated screenshot page! Replaced logos on main page.

25 August 2006 released!
- Added missiles
- Added new star base model
- Fixed targeted ship Shield/hull guage
- Redesigned hud
- Added help menu
- Replaced 3 ships

15 August 2006

15000 hit to the website! A new version is fast approching with some new graphics and missiles!

29 July 2006

3D/2D artist Hoda has joined!

24 July 2006

Found something intresting for you all. One of the previous encarnations of spacesim! in 2d! Controls suck, many bugs in the docking menu, but fun gameplay. Try it out for a laugh. Download here (1.3MB)

21 May 2006 released!
- New explosion effect
- New Thrusters upgrade
- Added Ship to Ship collisions

20 May 2006

Development resumed.

27 August 2005

Game developement put on long term pause.. most likey will resume sometime later... but unknown when...

13 August 2005

10000th hit to the site!

25 July 2005 released!
- Added account creation page
- Added per ship thrust profiles

16 July 2005

Coder QRebound joined!

09 July 2005

Redesigned info page

02 July 2005

9000th hit to the site! Project development resumed!

04 June 2005

8000th hit to the site!

20 May 2005

Project development paused, don't worry, work will resume soon, just that the dev team has been distracted by life

12 May 2005

New screenshots released

09 May 2005 released!
- Added Pregame loader for setting d3d modes
- Added mouse support to docking menus

30 April 2005

7,000th hit to the site!

17 April 2005 released!
- Added Space limits to ships
- Added mass to ships
- Added total space and free space display to system/tank menus
- Fixed network protocol bug affecting System sell menu
- Fixed bug in Tank sell menu.
- Fixed conflicts beween mouse, keyboard and pilot assist modes.

8 April 2005 released!
- Added Basic AI routines
- Adjusted server ping and lag compensation code
- Added payment on destruction of AI
- Added name of target to target display
- Fixed minor graphics bug
- Tweaked hardpoint positions
- Added 35 elements to the commodity list
- Added #spawn console command
- Made menu backround darker

3 April 2005

6,000th hit to the site!

18 February 2005 released!
- Replaced one ship model, Added one new ship
- Replaced commodity buy/sell menu
- Added client/server ping timeout
- Added 40 elements to the commodity list

8 February 2005

Added new 'Ships' Page to the website with pictures of the ships in Spacesim

29 January 2005 released!
- Replaced two ship models, One properly textured
- Replaced projectiles with partical effects.
- Added ship independant hardpoints.

17 January 2005

5,000th hit to the site!

19 December 2004 released!
- Added Weapon buying/selling
- Added Turret buying/selling
- Added Weapon and Turret mounting.

18 November 2004

4,000th hit to the site! Sorry for the lack of updates. Verious things have delayed development, but we are still working and verious people have offered to join, so we may see alot more progress soon.

16 October 2004

3,000th hit to the site! Site content updated, Special thanks to Bruce Doskocil for the new layout and proof read

24 September 2004 released!
- added power bars to resource system
- added nav targeting
- clamped target indicators to edge of screen

20 September 2004

2,000th hit to the site!

17 September 2004 released!
- replaced models with old content
- replaced hud
- updated turret code to be way more accurate
- removed old position/speed hud
- added new target stat hud
- added turret model that tracks target

05 September 2004 released!
- added ship 'leader'
- changed star background
- replaced 2 ships
- added hud backgrounds
- replaced space station
- added turret tracking code

29 August 2004 released!
- now supports buying new ships and explosions on death

27 August 2004

Coder Kino joined! Expect to see progress increase!

25 August 2004

1,000th hit today! Keep those hits coming!

20 August 2004 released!
- fixed up the netcode
- improved texture filtering

17 August 2004 released!
- full system (a.k.a. upgrades)
- buy/sell support

11 August 2004 released!
- textured models and a new space station as well as some new screenshots added

04 August 2004 released!
- system buying menu complete and functional

02 August 2004 released!
- new ship buy and system buy menu, though non-functional will give you an idea what they will look like, and altered the text size

29 July 2004 released!
- more particle effects
- better collision detection

26 July 2004 released!
- new particle effects
- spaceship model
- vectored thrust
- fustrum culling and new D3D init code that should make it more compatible

21 July 2004

Work has resumed on the game after a long period of inactivity. Expect a new version out soon with improved stability and particle effects.

Space Sim, a free beta 3d futuristic space based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), featuring automatic power(resource) distribution systems, trading, combat, and over 100 star systems to explore

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